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About Personal Injury Cases

Many people think personal injury cases arise only from motor vehicle accidents that result in physical injury. The reality is more complicated. The courts hear many personal injury cases based on other causes. Assault is one possibility, such as when a stranger or even a household member hurts you by striking or attempting to strike you. Another possibility is an injury from poorly maintained facilities, such as from falling down on a neglected store sidewalk that has become dangerously slippery from rain.

The legal term “personal injury” is very broad. It refers to unwanted consequences from negligence or an intentional act by a single person or a group of people such as a commercial company. Negligence means failing to behave like reasonable, careful people who understand or should understand their legal responsibility to protect the lives and safety of other people.

If an injury is caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, the responsible party must compensate victims for these mental, physical and financial damages. Personal injuries can cause significant pain, decrease your quality of life and can result in financial turmoil. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and are in need of a personal injury attorney in Alexandria, the team at Broussard & Hart, LLC will fight for your rights! We can provide knowledge and expertise about your case.

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Causes of Personal Injury

Personal injury cases arise from many causes. Most of them fall into the following common categories, some of which may not seem obvious.

Types of Personal Injuries

  • Inadequate or incorrect medical care at a hospital or a physician’s office, such as a poorly performed surgical procedure.
  • Car accidents, with or without impaired driver function.
  • Dog bites, no matter how small the dog.
  • Bicycle accidents at any age.
  • Dangerous construction defects at a home, a commercial firm or a government facility.
  • Abuse or neglect at a nursing home, even if unintentional.
  • Assault by a stranger, an acquaintance or a household member.
  • Harmful prescription or non-prescription drugs.
  • Birth injuries to either the mother or the child.
  • Injury or death from defective consumer products such as children’s toys, off-road sports vehicles, and household appliances.
  • Brain damage of any kind.
  • Wrongful death, no matter how it occurs.
  • Premises liability, such as for slip-and-fall accidents or dangerous working conditions.
  • Product liability, such as for electric shocks from poorly designed electrical appliances or fires from malfunctioning space heaters.
  • Government liability, such as from pollution of drinking water supplies.
  • Contract disputes.
  • Business disputes.

Other possible causes exist. Discussing the details with an experienced personal injury attorney can tell you whether your case holds legal merit.

In an ideal world, everyone would be cautious and careful at all times about respecting the lives and safety of other people. Unfortunately, the real world is much messier and more dangerous. A careless or drunk driver might inflict serious injury or death on you or your loved ones. A store operator might neglect to keep the store’s premises safe from dangerous icing or other slipping hazards, resulting in injuries such as broken bones or brain damage. A vicious dog might suddenly bite you, requiring you to seek emergency medical treatment and possibly resulting in disfigurement and lasting pain and suffering. A doctor might not bother to order a critical medical test, resulting in an uncontrolled disease that cripples or ultimately kills you. Even government agencies sometimes behave badly, and innocent people are injured or killed as a result.

The scope for injury through no fault of your own is vast. You and your family might struggle for years to cope with the devastating aftermath of negligent behavior. Medical bills, lost income, physical pain, impaired physical function and persistent emotional suffering all can seriously affect the quality of your life and the well-being of your family. You deserve to be compensated through the court system for injuries or even the tragic death of a loved one caused by negligence. You deserve the services of an attorney who is familiar with the special requirements of seeking to recover an adequate compensation package for a personal injury case.

Stressful Fallout from Personal Injury

Even the simplest causes of personal trauma may hold the potential for serious injury, emotional stress, permanent physical impairment or even death. Medical bills may not end with initial treatment but continue to accumulate for years. Secondary injuries may emerge later, requiring still more expensive medical treatment. Your injuries might require the services of a personal assistant, perhaps for the rest of your life. You might want compensation for the income you lost from not being able to work or run your own business. You might want additional compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced.

Your attorney will discuss the obvious and hidden costs of your personal injury. After taking into account all probable costs, direct and indirect, you might ask your attorney to seek to recover damages ranging from five to seven figures or perhaps even more than that.

Evaluating Your Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured through no fault of your own, then your personal injury case is likely to pass muster with a judge who must decide whether your case goes before a jury. You will be required to provide strong evidence that another party such as an individual defendant or a commercial concern was negligent and legally liable for your personal injuries. Both conditions must be true for you to recover monetary damages. An experienced attorney will know how to prove that the defending party or parties did not live up to their legal responsibilities and that you suffered as a result.

Moreover, defining the legal standard of expected care for any individual personal injury case can be complicated. State laws, local ordinances, business regulations, legal precedents and relevant case studies all vary across jurisdictions. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are familiar with the complex legal environment of the jurisdiction for your personal injury case. Your attorney will discuss the details with you so that you understand your legal options and your chances for successfully recovering significant monetary damages. You might even win punitive damages against the defendant for reckless or malicious behavior.

To win monetary damages, you must persuade a jury that your injury exists and that another party was responsible. Because the evidence is so important, it’s critical to immediately create written records of what happened to whom, where it happened, how it happened and when the injury occurred. Ask witnesses for their names and contact details. Keep track of all medical expenses and any time you have lost not working at your job or for your business. Keep a log of your pain and suffering. If you are unable to create these records right after your injury, then you should ask a friend or a loved one to write down this information for you. Every little detail is important.

Fighting Back Against Pressure from Insurance Companies to Settle Quickly

Contrary to claims made in their public advertising campaigns, insurance companies exist to make money. Helping you is not a high priority. An insurance claims adjuster wants to settle each personal injury case in a way that costs the company the least amount of money. This is understandable, but your own responsibility is to protect your right to adequate compensation for all of your direct and indirect expenses from a personal injury.

The initial settlement offer from an insurance company probably will not begin to cover your actual expected expenses. Arguing with an insurance company is usually fruitless. Insurance claims adjusters deal with unhappy people all day, and they are good at it. They know how to wait out people who desperately need money to cover their medical bills and other immediate expenses. They know how to play mental games with people who may still be in shock over an unexpected serious injury or death. Even your own insurance company likely is guilty of this behavior when dealing with you.

Your best bet is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to fight back against the unfair, self-serving tactics of many insurance companies. Never sign a legal document or risk of being accused later in a court of law of having entered into a verbal agreement with a defendant or an insurance company representative until your attorney has had a chance to discuss your case with you. Your attorney can help you with understanding all the legal tricks and traps. Your attorney can also help you with collecting and preserving the evidence, such as medical reports and witness reports, that you will need to prove your case to the judge and the jury.

Quite apart from the legal expertise of your attorney, simply talking to an experienced lawyer will help you feel less alone and frustrated. You will know that a fighter is in your corner. You will be able to focus your personal energies on recovering from your injuries instead of battling insurance companies and the defendants all by yourself. It’ll be as if a heavy weight has lifted from your shoulders.

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