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Personal Injury Law

If you’ve been injured through the negligence or deliberate actions of another person, hiring an experienced Baton Rouge personal injury attorney will serve your best interests. Coping with the unfavorable outcome of an accident involving a loved one is difficult; struggling with a car accident claim or a lawsuit against the responsible individual is hard as well. You need an aggressive legal expert who understands how to recover the financial compensation you deserve. Broussard & Hart will fight for your rights and just compensation in your personal injury case.

You have the legal right to enjoy your life without suffering injury at the hands of a negligent other. If the intended behavior of a person results in injury to another person, the law allows the affected individual to seek financial assistance in a civil court of law. Personal injury law also applies to negligence, even if unintentional, on the part of responsible individuals who knew their carelessness could lead to personal injury. This legal solution is known as tort law.

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Personal Injury Damages – Scope of Financial Compensation

Tort law allows an individual injured in an accident or other incidents to seek financial compensation. They can be “made whole” for medical expenses, damaged personal property, lost wages from not being able to work, attorney’s fees and other costs coming from the injury. The victim will search for financial aid for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship. The person may try to recover damages for the loss of potential future earnings over a lifetime. Also, the loss of the ability to fully enjoy life after being permanently disabled.

Possible Reasons for Bringing a Tort Action

Personal injury claims can spring from many possible causes. The following is a list of causes for bringing a personal injury case to court:

  • Reckless or dangerous driving by an impaired or inattentive motor-vehicle operator.
  • Dangerous workplace conditions such as slippery floors or unsafe machinery.
  • A pet animal that bites or otherwise attacks without provocation.
  • Careless or substandard construction by an individual or a company.
  • Medical malpractice by an individual physician or by the staff of any medical facility.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals in a residence, a business or any other location.
  • Failure of store employees to ensure customer safety throughout the store.

How the Negligence of a Medical Professional Can Result in a Personal Injury Claim

Example of Negligence – Medical Malpractice

Highly trained specialists aren’t always sure how to treat each individual medical condition. Some physicians are not fully qualified to treat certain medical illnesses. Others may not pay enough attention to reaching the best diagnosis from the patient’s symptoms. Furthermore, medical staffers don’t always conduct necessary diagnostic tests or follow established procedures for patient care.

The potential for unprofessional treatment or diagnoses from medical providers is sweeping. Poor medical care may be given in ways that most non-professionals find hard to detect. Familiarity with the knowledge fields, professional hopes and legal rules of the medical profession will lead to the success of a personal injury case.

Hiring an Experienced Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney

The legal environment surrounding many causes for bringing a tort against the injurer calls for hiring an experienced local attorney. Working with a sympathetic attorney who understands your needs offers several major benefits:

  • Personal injury attorneys specialize in quick assessments of potential financial compensation. Before anything happens, your attorney will read through your case and determine if you should pursue legal action. Your attorney can explain the legal grounds for your case. They can also explain the likelihood of winning monetary compensation. Your attorney can tell whether you’re better off settling in or out of the court room.
  • Employers, insurance companies, government agencies and others have tactics for fighting the most well-supported lawsuits. Representatives for the defendant may use legal tricks to avoid paying what they owe you. Your attorney will know how to defeat these tactics. Negotiating a fair settlement without a time-consuming and risky trial may be possible. In any case, you will be dealing with attorneys from the other side. Your attorney will know how to speak the language of the law. They will take any supporting documents from the defendant during the discovery process.
  • Many legal cases tend to be filled with mandatory areas. Legal procedures and medical paperwork are two main areas. An experienced attorney will know how to cut through this. The legal firm will have contacts who can dig up supporting evidence needed to successfully prosecute a civil case. Even a “minor” injury can have consequences over the years. A skilled research team can weed out potential future problems.

If your legal case reaches a jury trial, your attorney will be familiar with selecting a panel of jurors. During the trial, your attorney will persuade the jurors that you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Your attorney will know when to offer an out-of-court settlement deal that protects your interests. Finally, having a professional attorney represent you at all stages of your lawsuit will avoid the risk of losing sight of your goals.

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