Every personal injury or wrongful death case has three elements to it. A personal injury attorney must effectively address all three in order to prove a case:

  • Identifying all possible sources of financial compensation,
  • Proving that another party was negligent and that negligence resulted in injuries and losses,
  • Documenting the full extent of the injured person’s loss.

At the Lake Charles law firm of Broussard & Hart, L.L.C., our injury lawyers have a demonstrated track record of helping injured people achieve financial awards. We have helped thousands of people across southwest Louisiana, recovering more than $100 million dollars in our years of serving this community.

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Personal Attention to Your Case

Our clients have suffered traumatic injuries, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, of the tragic, premature death of a loved one. They need guidance and personal attention and that’s what they receive at Broussard & Hart. Our attorneys accept a limited number of cases, and then give each case the thorough attention it deserves.

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