At the Lake Charles, Louisiana law office of Broussard & Hart, L.L.C., we have helped thousands of people achieve financial recovery after suffering serious injuries in accidents or from medical negligence. Most of our clients have never been injured before and don’t know what to expect when bringing a case to the insurance company or to court.

Your First Interview With Us

We will gather general information regarding your accident, injury, and case. You will be asked to sign authorization forms that allow us to obtain your medical records and other necessary information. Requests will be sent to all of the doctors and hospitals involved in your care for your chart and billing information. We will notify the person who was responsible for your injury and/or their insurance company that you have retained us as your attorneys.

Contact Us at 337-439-2450 or fill out the form below.

Important Things To Remember

  • Who to Talk To: Do not talk about your case with anyone except this office and your doctors. If your own insurance company wants to talk about your case before they pay your medical bills, please refer them to us.
  • What to Sign: We will obtain any necessary information from employers, schools, or other persons. You should not sign anything for anyone else until you check with us first.
  • Keep Detailed Records: Please be sure to record the following:
    • Car Repair: If your vehicle was damaged, try to obtain pictures before you get it repaired. Use color film and bring the film to us and we will have it developed. Alternatively, if you have a digital camera, take photos and e-mail them to us. If you do not have a camera, please call and we will make arrangements to take the pictures.
    • Medical Items: Save all pill bottles, casts, braces, and any other item from your doctors.
    • Photographs: Give us any pictures and videos of the accident, accident scene or of your injuries that you or anyone else has taken for you.

Contact Us at 337-439-2450 or fill out the form below.