The time limit within which a lawsuit must be brought is called a statute of limitation. In Louisiana, this is referred to as the prescriptive period. Although the time period varies from state to state and depends upon the nature of the case, in Louisiana the prescriptive period is generally one year from the date of the injury. There may also be specific notice requirements when dealing with certain governmental entities as potential defendants. If a lawsuit is not filed within the proper time limit that applies to the case, the right to sue and recover damages is forever lost.
There are a couple of exceptions to the time limits that would normally apply to an injury claim. Measuring the prescriptive period for a particular situation can be a complex issue. For instance, under the discovery rule, the time begins to run from when the person who was injured knew, or by the exercise of reasonable diligence should have known, that he or she was injured. However, the applicability of the discovery rule is limited in certain cases. For example, a medical malpractice claim cannot be brought more than 3 years after the date of the alleged malpractice, regardless of when the injury is discovered.

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