Every personal injury case is unique. It is impossible to tell with certainty how much money, if any, you will recover in connection with your case.

As your attorneys, it is our duty at Broussard & Hart, L.L.C to obtain an amount of money which will fairly and justly compensate you for your injuries. We make every effort to do this by locating all sources of money.

Before you make a mistake, contact an attorney at Broussard & Hart, L.L.C. The personal injury lawyers and staff at our firm are focused on helping people like you who have suffered or families who have experienced the death of a loved one. We work to see that our clients recover the compensation they need and deserve.

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In cases of serious injuries or wrongful death, the amount of money we can recover is most often related to the amount of insurance coverage available, the extent of damages, and any liability on your part. The following elements of damage will be considered:

  • The nature and extent of injury or disability, including whether the injury is permanent
  • Medical expenses, both past and reasonably certain to occur in the future. This includes mileage to and from the doctor or hospital.
  • Wage loss, past and future and loss of capacity to earn a living
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of property, including your motor vehicle and other items of personal property
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse, past and future


If an insurance company pays some of your medical or other expenses arising from your injury, the law allows the insurance company to “stand in your shoes” and to recover from the liable party some or all of the amount it has already paid on your behalf. If this occurs, the insurance company is usually required to pay their share of the attorney’s fee and costs.

Our law firm handles injury claims resulting from nursing home abuse, pedestrian accidents, and offshore accidents, among others. If you would like to schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our office.

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