Helicopter Accidents Involving Offshore Workers

helicopter-accidents-involving-offshore-workers-under-jones-actHelicopter crashes, airplane crashes, and other aviation accidents frequently result in catastrophic or fatal injuries to those on board. If you have lost a member of your family, or have been seriously injured in an aircraft accident, there may be several parties responsible for your loss. However, these are complex and difficult claims, and it is important to get legal advice in order to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Our lawyers have the experience and the resources necessary to provide powerful representation to clients with injury and wrongful death claims resulting from a plane crash or other aircraft accidents.

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In recent years, the Jones Act attorneys at Broussard & Hart, L.L.C., have handled three cases of oil rig workers injured and killed in helicopter crashes on jack-up rig heliports. Difficult weather, unexpected winds, mechanical failure, helicopter distraction and air currents all pose problems for helicopters trying to take off or land on an oil rig.

Helicopter companies based in Southwest Louisiana serve offshore oil rigs and platforms and vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, ferry supplies and crew members, and serve a variety of other purposes. When a helicopter crashes or is lost at sea, our attorneys enlist the help of scientific experts and accident investigators, identifying, from heliport to helipad or transfer, the events that led to the accident. Independent Aircraft Accident Investigations

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) performs an investigation of civil aviation accidents to determine the cause of the crash. When representing a client in an aviation injury or wrongful death claim, our firm will immediately begin its own, separate investigation.

Whether the accident happened during takeoff, after leaving the runway, or on landing, our attorneys and experts move quickly, examining evidence that identifies causes contributing to the crash, including:

  • Pilot error
  • Defective equipment
  • Poor design
  • Instruments or mechanical failure
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Foreseeable, extreme weather conditions

It is our goal to find all sources of compensation and see that our client recovers the maximum compensation possible for their injures, from paralyzing spinal cord injury or severe brain damage, to serious burns and more.

If you’re loved one worked on a jack-up rig in the Gulf and was injured or died in a helicopter crash, contact our Lake Charles law office learn about your rights for financial recovery under the Jones Act. The Jones Act protects seamen and those working on ships, including oil rigs that are not stationary platforms.

Although your loved one was hurt or killed in a helicopter crash, because he was going to or from work on a “vessel,” he is covered by maritime law and you are eligible for financial recovery under this specialized area of law.

At Broussard & Hart, we understand maritime law and the benefits for which you and your family may qualify. We are here to protect your interests. Before you sign any settlement contract, contact our Lake Charles law office for a free consultation. Call 337-439-2450 (or toll free: 866-281-4774). We will respond quickly to your inquiry.

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