Who is Considered a Seaman Under the Jones Act?

Injured Seaman in Louisiana

who-is-considered-seaman-under-jones-actA commercial fisherman, deckhand, cook, driller, diver—the barber on a cruise ship—who is a seaman? This is a critical question, and always in contention when an injured maritime worker files a Jones Act claim against an employer.

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Jones Act Definition of a Seaman

The Jones Act, a federal law that allows injured seaman to sue their employers for negligence, defines a seaman as a person who has a permanent, employment-related connection to a vessel in navigation. The relationship must be significant in its contribution to the vessel’s function or mission. In simple terms, seamen are those who do the ship’s work. A person whose work is covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act may be treated as a Jones Act seaman in some cases.

The definition of seaman is broad, and can include a worker on a jack-up oil rig, a barge worker, a fish processor on an ocean vessel, a diver, the cook on a yacht, and a member of a maintenance crew. At your consultation our lawyer will evaluate your job description and your employer’s operation, and give you an honest evaluation of your injury claim.

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