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Shreveport, Louisiana, relies heavily on maritime activities to support the local economy. Because of this, many people in Shreveport may actually work offshore. This could include positions on vessels for shipping, fishing or oil procurement. These careers all carry inherent dangers, which is why it is important to know about what a Shreveport offshore accident lawyer can do for you.

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An Overview of Offshore Accidents

In a typical case of personal injury or worker compensation, victims are covered by applicable laws. However, many of these laws are designed for accidents on land. When accidents happen on the water, the question of liability can become convoluted. In general, offshore accidents apply to any incident at sea. This includes accidents on boats and ships. These boats may be involved with fishing or shipping. Accidents on floating platforms or rigs are also considered to be offshore.

Possible Injuries from Offshore Accidents

The unique nature of maritime jobs means that offshore accidents can be distinctive. In general, there are several main categories that are most often considered.

  • Weather: Most maritime jobs occur outside. People who work on boats or oil rigs are all exposed to the weather, and the surrounding water can amplify the effects. Workers are more likely to suffer from heat stroke, hypothermia or dehydration in these positions.
  • Hazardous materials: A large number of offshore accidents involve vessels or platforms that deal with oil. Oil and other hazardous materials pose real health risks. If these materials are inhaled or if workers come into direct contact with these materials, injury or illness may result.
  • Fire: All vessels and platforms at sea need fuel. This fuel is highly combustible, which makes the risk of fire noteworthy. Employers are required to ensure that proper ventilation and sufficient storage are available. Moreover, constant vigilance is required to avoid collisions and other accidents that can lead to explosion or fire.
  • Equipment: If the vessel relies on heavy machinery, then proper safety precautions must be taken. This equipment must be properly maintained and secured in order to remain safe.
  • Training: Due to the numerous risks at sea, employers must take training seriously. If sufficient training is not provided and an accident occurs, the employer may be found legally liable.
  • Safety measures: Overall, employers are required to provide a safe working environment. This means that measures must be taken to minimize the risk of slips and falls. All gear and equipment must be secured properly to prevent injury from falling objects.

The Application of the Jones Act

The Jones Act was established in the 1920s as a way to boost American profits in the shipping industry. Most notably, the Jones Act says that all shipping between American ports must be conducted on boats that are built and operated by Americans. Legally, this means the owner must be a citizen or a permanent resident. In addition to this, the Jones Act provides legal protection to workers on these vessels. However, not all individuals working at sea are covered by the Jones Act. That is why the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act is in place. This law gives workers on other vessels the right to pursue legal compensation after an offshore accident.

Your Rights After an Offshore Accident

If you are injured in an offshore accident, you need to know your rights. Employers cannot limit you to their preferred medical provider. Additionally, you are entitled a full recovery period without fear of losing your job. Most importantly, you do not have to admit to anything related to the accident. Never sign any paperwork from your employer or the insurance company before talking to a lawyer with specialization in offshore accidents.

Professional Support from a Shreveport Offshore Accident Lawyer

When you contact a Shreveport offshore accident lawyer, you can determine whether or not to pursue a legal case. In these cases, it is important to prove that the employer was liable in some way. Once the details of your case are established, a good offshore accident lawyer will work tirelessly to get you the results you need to recover. Anyone who has suffered from an offshore accident should seek legal advice right away.


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