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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lake CharlesAny vehicle collision is dangerous, but when motorcycles are involved, the risks are even more pronounced. After all, in a motorcycle accident, the driver has less protection, making the chance of injury or death more significant. Anyone who is involved in a motorcycle accident in Baton Rouge should get the support they deserve from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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The aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Baton Rouge is serious. Therefore, you should get serious by contacting a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney.  Our personal injury attorneys at Broussard & Hart can assess your case and help determine what legal options are available to you. With this support, you can get the compensation you need to move on with your life.

Common Motorcycle Accidents in Baton Rouge

There are many types of motorcycle accidents, but some are more common than others in Louisiana. To minimize your risk, you should know what accidents are most likely to affect you.

  • Speeding: Slower speeds are dangerous, but they are nothing compared to accidents at high rates of speed. Speeding increases the likelihood of injury and death.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol slows down reaction times, which makes it a bad choice when on the road. Alcohol can make a motorcycle harder to control, leading to more dangerous collisions.
  • Time of day: In the late afternoon and early evening, more people are on the road. During these rush hours, accidents are more likely due to congested traffic. Avoiding these peak periods of traffic can help minimize your risk of a motorcycle accident.
  • Inexperience: New drivers lack the experience to respond properly to traffic situations. It takes practice to ride a motorcycle safely, which means that inexperienced riders are at risk.

Typical Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

In a motorcycle collision, many types of injuries are possible. To understand the dangers, please consider the most common injuries.

  • Fractures: Motorcyclists have minimal protection in a collision. This makes the odds of sustaining fractures in the bone higher. Even facial fractures are possible.
  • Road rash: Road rash is often specific to motorcycle collisions. Because a motorcyclist is exposed, an accident can cause extended contact with the road. Some road rash can be minor scrapes and burns, but more severe cases involve layers of skin being removed by the asphalt.
  • Burns: Any vehicle that uses gasoline can explode. In these motorcycle accidents, burns are a significant risk.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Motorcycle accidents often involve blunt force trauma. When this is directed at the back, the spinal cord can be damaged. This can lead to varying degrees of paralysis that may not be reversible.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: The most vulnerable part of a motorcyclist’s body is the head. Even with a helmet, motorcyclists are at risk for traumatic brain injury. Without a helmet, this risk is amplified.


Damages and Losses Associated with Motorcycle Accidents

For those who have suffered in a motorcycle accident, there are various legal damages that can be assessed in court.

  • Medical bills: If the accident results in serious injury, then the medical bills will pile up quickly. Victims can be compensated for medical bills if the other party is proven to be liable.
  • Lost wages: Recovery from an accident often takes a significant amount of time. During this time, victims are not able to work. These lost wages can be considered as part of a court case.
  • Property damage: Although the first concern is the safety of everyone involved with the accident, property damage is also relevant. If the motorcycle is damaged in the collision, it is possible to seek restitution.
  • Pain and suffering: Some losses are harder to pinpoint. When pain and suffering have made an impact on your life, legal compensation may be needed to aid with the extended recovery process.

Personal Injury Compensation

Every accident is different, and the legal ramifications are different as well. In order to successfully pursue a personal injury case in court, it is necessary to prove that the other party is liable. The liability is often related to negligence. It must be proven that the other party was speeding, reckless, impaired or otherwise responsible for the accident. In some cases, it may be possible to get some compensation even if you are partly responsible for the accident as well. Motorcyclists should also be aware that not wearing a helmet can reduce the amount of money you receive in court.


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