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Traffic accidents are quite common, including in the city of Lafayette. Some of the most serious involve motorcycles. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, it is essential to seek assistance from a qualified attorney. You will need help so that you receive adequate compensation for your suffering that was due to another driver’s negligence on the road.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Differ From Regular Auto Accidents?

All vehicle accidents can be serious, but most times, motorcycle crashes result in worse injuries. Since a motorcycle offers no exterior protection, a driver is at extreme risk. Also, high speeds have a large influence on motorcycle accidents. When it comes time to defend these types of cases, insurance companies are on the attack so that they do not have to pay.

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How Often Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Lafayette?

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time. In 2013, cyclists accounted for 19 percent of all automotive fatalities. In 2015, Consumer Reports found that over 5,000 people die in motorcycle fatalities. Due to the high number of incidents, it is important to be prepared and to understand how to prevent and deal with them.

How Often Motorcyclists are At Fault in an Accident

Although it is easy to blame a cyclist for an accident, most are caused by other drivers. In most cases, a motorcycle accident results when another driver does not recognize the cyclist in oncoming traffic. The “Hunt Report” studied how often motorcyclists are actually at fault for collisions. Results showed that more than 66 percent of motorcycle crashes are caused by the other party.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Lafayette

There are a number of situations that lead to motorcycle accidents:

  • Head On Collisions. In approximately 78 percent of motorcycle accidents, a car hits a cyclist head-to-head.
  • Cars that Make Left-Hand Turns. When a car makes a left-hand turn, it can be extremely dangerous to a cyclist, especially when the car’s driver cuts it too close.
  • Speeding. When a car or motorcycle is going at high speeds, an accident may occur.
  • Road Hazards. Cyclists are at a higher risk of getting into an accident from road hazards. These may include large potholes, slick roads, uneven lanes, or unexpected objects on the road.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding the most common motorcycle injuries will help to prevent them by taking precautions:

  • Head Injuries. One of the most dangerous injuries is one that affects the head. Besides a concussion, a head injury may cause damage to the brain, which may cause devastating consequences.
  • Neck injuries are common as well. If damage occurs to the neck, permanent paralysis may be a side effect. The best way to prevent this type of injury is by wearing a helmet.
  • Road Rash. When a person falls off of a motorcycle, it is common to slide across the road. In severe cases, it can cause more than just cuts and bruises. It can penetrate through layers of clothing and lead to an infection or nerve damage. It is essential to have these injuries cleaned and treated. Wearing knee pads, gloves, and leather outerwear will lower the chances of suffering from this type of injury.
  • “Biker’s Arm. Since a motorcyclist does not wear a seat belt, an accident can cause this person to fly and land on the ground. It is a natural reaction to push out your arms before a fall. This can cause injury. It is advised to wear elbow pads while riding.
  • Leg Injuries. Motorcycle accidents may cause devastating injuries to the legs, feet, or knees. It is quite common for bones to become fractured or shattered.

Reasons to Contact an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident Injury

Every time you ride your motorcycle, you run the risk of a serious injury. As soon as one occurs, you need to contact a qualified attorney. You will likely suffer from injuries that will require healing and rehabilitation. This means that you will miss time from work. To recoup a fair settlement from a negligent party, it is crucial to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies are quick to blame cyclists. With a qualified personal injury lawyer by your side, you will be able to fight your case and win adequate compensation. This legal professional will collect and assemble important evidence and record all of your medical issues. To schedule a consultation with one of Lafayette’s top law firms, call our office today.

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