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Any sudden death can bring confusion, pain and grief. When that death is the result of criminal behavior, negligence or recklessness, there can be additional trauma. The desire to hold the guilty party civilly responsible is natural. A wrongful death lawsuit can do this as well as help provide for grieving families as they pay their lost loved one’s funeral bills and other expenses.

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What is a Wrongful Death?

“Wrongful death” refers to a death that occurs as the result of another party’s negligence or misconduct. This can include:

• Vehicle crash
• Criminal behavior
• Medical malpractice
• Occupational exposure to hazardous substances or conditions
• Death during an organized or supervised activity

In order to qualify as a wrongful death, a person’s death must have been caused by someone’s negligence or intent to harm, and the surviving family members must be suffering monetary injury. The estate’s representative is responsible for bringing the suit.

Along with the losses associated with the death, the representative can also sue for expenses that were incurred prior to the death, such as personal injury, pain, suffering and other expenses associated with the negligence. Any compensation will be paid to the estate and can then be distributed according to the terms of the will.

How a New Orleans Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

If someone you love has died as a result of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death suit. Our wrongful death attorney in New Orleans can gather evidence, talk to witnesses and protect you and your family’s legal rights.

Most wrongful death suits are settled out of court. We have extensive experience in negotiating settlements and will work to achieve the maximum compensation possible. We will do the work so that you can focus on healing.

Common Misconceptions about Wrongful Death Suits

Many grieving families are hesitant to file a wrongful death suit due to misconceptions about the process. Money can never replace your loved one, but it can help you cover the bills that you might be facing as a result of an unexpected death. The insurance company will typically offer a settlement, but contrary to popular belief, this will not necessarily be adequate for your needs.

Insurance companies are businesses, and they often offer minimal compensation even though you might be entitled to damages. Our New Orleans wrongful death attorney will work with you to negotiate an appropriate settlement. This does not necessarily mean you will be facing a lengthy trial. In fact, we have the experience and resources necessary and are often able to reach satisfactory settlements without having to go to court at all.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Every state has its own rules regarding the procedures for wrongful death suits. However, a suit is typically brought by someone who is representing the decedent’s estate. In Louisiana, a person’s children or surviving spouse can file a wrongful death claim. If the person had neither children nor a spouse, his or her parents can file a claim. Our wrongful death attorney can help you decide the best way to proceed with your claim for the most desirable outcome.

Am I Entitled to Wrongful Death Damages?

If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or criminal actions, you might be eligible to seek compensation.

Courts often award damages for:

• Loss of support
• Medical expenses
• Funeral expenses
• Lost prospects
• Lost wages and economic loss
• Loss of companionship
• Pain and suffering

Interest from the date of death can be included in the damage award.

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If you suspect that your loved one died as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, reckless behavior or negligence, our New Orleans wrongful death lawyer can help. We can explain your rights, help you explore your options and talk about possible next steps. You may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit and entitled to wrongful death damages. Call us now to schedule your free consultation with a member of our team.


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