Personal injuries are life changing. Injuries can cause significant pain, and decrease your quality of life. A personal injury can also result in financial devastation. When injuries are caused by negligence or wrongdoing, the responsible party must compensate victims and their family members for damages.

Broussard & Hart L.L.C. represents clients all over Southwest Louisiana in court and during settlement negotiations. For more than three decades, our attorneys have fought for clients to get full and fair compensation when they suffer harm due to accidental or intentional injury. Broussard & Hart specializes in the following types of personal injury cases:
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How Personal Injury Lawsuits Work

To recover compensation, victims must prove the defendant was responsible for hurting them and must demonstrate the extent of their damages. Broussard & Hart attorneys can conduct an investigation, find expert witnesses and put together a strong case to present in court. Your attorney can also send a demand letter to the insurer requesting compensation for all losses. The demand letter is the basis for negotiating a settlement amount that provides for your needs.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Victims may file a personal injury claim any time they are harmed due to:

  • Negligence or carelessness. Drivers, doctors and property owners all have obligations to protect the safety of others.
  • Failure to live up to a legal obligation, such as the obligation to warn patients of the side effects of drugs.
  • Violation of safety laws, such as speed limit laws or laws requiring fences around swimming pools.
  • Intentional wrongdoing.

Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury victims are entitled to be “made whole” by individuals and companies who hurt them. Victims should be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wage losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

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