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Common Car Accident Questions
Our Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyers answer common car accident concerns.

Motor Vehicle Damage FAQ
Have you been involved in a car accident in Lake Charles? We answer important questions for those that do not know how to deal with a damaged vehicle.

What to Do After You’ve been in a Car Accident
No one knows when they will be involved in a car accident, but you can always prepare yourself to understand the steps to take after you have been involved in one.

How Long Will it Take to Settle my Car Accident Claim?
The most important factors in determining how long yours will take is when you reach MMI and how long the negotiations process takes.

Investigating Car Accidents Cause by Defective Design
Not all injuries or deaths can be blamed on the parties involved in a car accident; sometimes the manufacturer is to blame.

Medical Care After an Accident
Read to find out what not to do after a car accident.

What Not to Do After an Accident
You might be watched by an insurance adjuster after an accident. Learn about what not to do.

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